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General & Most Common

What concept prompted the setting up of Appsxplora LTD? Is the company genuine?
Appsxplora Developing mobile apps, so questions like this are legitimate. According to reports, cost of developing mobile apps can range from $3,000 and up to $1 million. Before you venture into this new industry, expectations on profitability and monetization should be very clear.Industry reports revealed that there are some 1.5 billion mobile users with Google dominating at around 900 million users and 600 Apple devices users. These numbers alone speak of the many opportunities for mobile app development since all of these users will use mobile apps.

I'm interested in the investment opportunities offered by your company, but I'm still sceptical on the amount of risk involved. If I invest my Bitcoins,PerfectMoney,Payeer,Advcash are my returns guaranteed?
It's a good thing you're interested in our investment opportunities. We are a 100% risk-free investment platform, and you've nothing to worry about when investing your Bitcoins, Perfect Money,Payeer,Advcash with us.

What condition is required before one can become a member of your investment project? And is membership limited to certain countries?
You have to be at least 18 years old before you're allowed to become a member. In addition to this, you must agree to our Terms of Service. Anybody from anywhere in the world can join. Even if you live in the desert, as long as you have an internet connection, you're free to join.

How many accounts are allowed per person? What about sharing my IP address with co-workers or family members?
No more than one account is allowed per person. Multiple account openings is against our internal users policy and might result in membership termination.

Personal Account Administration

Can I have more than one account? What of sharing my IP addresses with my friends and colleagues?
You're not allowed to have more than one account. Opening multiple accounts is highly prohibited and can lead to termination of your membership. You're allowed to share your IP address, but each account must contain real personal information of the participant.

After I make my deposit, how long before my I start earning interest?
You start receiving interest from the first hour after your deposit. This means, if you made a deposit by 4:15pm, then you'll receive your first interest by 5:15pm, the second by 6:15 pm and so on.

Where can I see my earned interests?
You can view all your accrued interest in your personal account. It is applied to your account balance in real time, and you can withdraw it at any time.

If I request a withdrawal, how long will it take before I receive it?
Every withdrawal request is processed instantly, so no worries. If, for any reason, it wasn't processed, then give it 24 hours from the moment of request, and you'll surely get it. No need contacting support about pending withdrawal requests.

Can I add more funds to existing deposits?
The system does not allow the adding of funds to existing deposits, but you can have as many deposits as you wish.

How many active deposits is one allowed to have?
You can have as many active deposits as you deem fit.

Do you pay interest 7 days in a week?
Yes, we pay interest everyday.

How worked plan?
5S Plan : 1.5% daily for 3 Calendar days ( Principal Back ) .
6s Plan : 1.8% daily for 6 Calendar days ( Principal Back ) .
7 Plus Plan : 2% daily for 9 Calendar days ( Principal Back ) .

What's the minimum withdrawal amount?
Minimum withdrawal amount is 0.0001 BTC And 0.1$ Perfectmoney.

Is it possible to add more funds to active deposits?
No, this is technically not possible. However, you can have multiple deposits.

Is there a restriction on the number of active deposits?
No, you can have as many deposits as you deem fit.

Affiliate and Program

What is the meaning of affiliate program and who may participate?
The affiliate program was created to reward members, who share our investment platform with their friends and colleagues. When you refer other people to our amazing investment opportunity, you earn 1-1.5% from their active deposits. You don't really have to do much - all you need to do is grab your affiliate links from your personal account and share them with your friends and earn. It's as simple as that.

Do I need to have an active deposit, before I'm able to earn as an affiliate?
No, having an active deposit is not a prerequisite for earning as an affiliate.

Are active deposits required from me before I can earn affiliate commission?
No, no active deposit is required to earn commission as an affiliate.


Server Upgrade&Instant Payment
Due to we are upgrade server so its cause payment pending,its already restored,so you can withdraw or deposit again.thanks for your support to make appsxplora come true. more
Sep-19-2017 04:12:25 PM

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